Rethinking Tech Support for the Connected Home

Jonathan Downey

Head of Marketing

July 27, 2020


What you'll learn:

  • Discover what a modern personalized customer support experience feels like for consumers.
  • Find out what is required to build customer preference and trust in customer self-service.
  • How to unlock the power of home diagnostics for more effective interactions.
  • The value of a test and learn mindset, to use data to drive better product and care outcomes.

About the whitepaper:

Consumers growing reliance on connectivity, smart devices, and services makes troubleshooting the home a resource-hungry and expensive activity. What if there is a better way? One that both reduces operational costs and delivers a better customer experience.

In this paper, we explain how tech support for the home can be transformed by customer self-service. To remove friction from the process of asking for help, providing instantly useful answers that hit the mark and personalizing resolutions so that the consumer feels empowered to take action.

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